Cooking Through Deceptively Delicious

DSC_0337Yes, those are pumpkin cupcake liners in February!
Now that I have reprioritized my time, one of my goals is cooking.  I would like to have a few more healthy recipes under my belt.  My goal :: to Julie & Julia my way through Deceptively Delicious.  I call it Ashley & Jessica Seinfeld.  I’m sure they will make a movie.
In her book she uses vegetable or fruit purees in all her recipes.  Her goal is to sneak in nutrients in everyday cooking staples. 
My goal is to tackle one recipe a week.  I have already learned a lot just by actually sitting down and really looking at the book.  Because apparently you are supposed to cook the vegetables before you puree them.  Makes sense now why my non-cooked cauliflower puree mashed potatoes was not a hit!
This week I made applesauce muffins which included applesauce and carrot puree.  The oatmeal crumble on top is delicious enough on it’s own…but topped on each muffin…even better. 
Healthy, comforting, tasty muffins for me to snack on all week and still guilt free.  It is when I prepare in advance to have good snacks around the house that I am less susceptible to making bad eating choices. 
Besides the health benefits, it really was very relaxing to bake and puree without rushing.  And to know that what I was making would benefit our family and not follow up with guilt.  Having my apron on, being in the kitchen, a familiar hobby I had pushed to the side lately.  So glad to embrace the things I love again. 
If you want to join me, pick up a copy of Deceptively Delicious and let me know which recipes you are trying! 
What do you love to do around the house {and perhaps have not been making time for}?
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  1. LOL at raw cauliflower puree. Ick!
    I just made one of Julia Child's recipes last week and blogged about what a nut she must have been because it took bloody forever!
    I hope cooking your way through the book is satisfying. I can't wait to see your movie. Who do you think should play you?
    BTW, if you'd like to ship some of those muffins my way, I won't turn them down.

  2. Mmm...those muffins look great! I have seen that recipe book in Borders...I might have to check that out. ;)

  3. I got that cookbook awhile back and swear by it! I sneak purees into everything now :)

  4. I certainly can use healthier foods, not only for me but because of the hubs current health.*sigh*
    I'm a freak of nature and love to clean and organized anything I can, it relaxes me. Actually due to all the stress this week I'm determined to clean the whole house today, just put some Latin music and dance my way thru it.

  5. I got that book for Christmas, but have yet to make anything. I'll be looking forward to seeing how it works for you!

  6. I bought that book well over a year ago. Still haven't tried them all but I have used the cake recipe for a couple of different birthday. Oh so yummy and, bonus, healthier. Love it and I hope you do too! ~ mishmashedme at blogspot

  7. I've been wanting to try those recipes! The muffins look good - I'll have to check the book out from the library and give it a go. =)

  8. Oh your blog is SUPER cute! I love it, newest follower! PS I need to get this book, I think my little guy is going to be ANTI veggies:(

  9. I have been wanting to find that book and try it. My son is super picky!

  10. Great review! I've had her cookbook for a while now, but haven't given it a shot. I got it when the kids were tiny and the thought of doing all those purees was overwhelming. :s Love the photos today!

  11. I have this cookbook but have not tried any recipes yet. I don't have a food processor. :(


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