Cookies, Aprons, and Needing a Break

It has been a long few weeks in the Urke home.  Far from the simple life we are always striving for.  I just have felt overwhelmed, tired, and having way too much to do.  Not to mention stuffing my face to deal with the stress.  I had chosen to not substitute teach for a couple of weeks to catch up yet somehow other things have taken over all of my time and energy.  All while my poor husband deals with stress and crisis’ at work…I hate feeling like I do not have more energy to pour into his needs. 
So I decided enough was enough.  I dropped my to-do list for the day.  Put on my Easter apron to feel some what cheery.  And I made my husband my favorite batch of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.  I caught up on the laundry.  Finally cleaned the toilet.  And somehow it was so stress relieving to take care of the things that make me feel put together.  When the house is a mess and basic household chores are not being taken care of I feel so out of place.  Living in a messy home only seems to make my life seem more chaotic.  Sometimes I just need to drop everything to put our home {and hopefully haven} back in order. 
Breathing a little lighter and putting my home and husband first, I am able to have the sanity to tackle the rest of my life. 
*Usually one batch of cookies is way more than we need so I pop half of the dough into the refrigerator or freezer with the oven temperature and cooking time on a piece of duct tape so that we have quick and easy home baked cookies minus all the work. 
*Camera strap :: Polka Dot Bungalow :: notice I am using the lens cap pocket to hold business cards.
When life gets out of control what are your “must-do” tasks to keep your home and/or husband/family happy?