Painted Entryway

I shared earlier about my painted master bath, and today I am sharing with you all my entryway painted in the same color.  I also shared awhile ago about incorporating more gold into our home {one of my biggest decorating fears}.  And months later, it has all come together…
Like any room in our house, I wanted our entryway to be functional, pretty, and tell our story.  Little things like a plate with a glued on clip to hold photos, a mini chalkboard to track my runs {which, by the way, has not improved since the last time I showed you this!}, and lots of hooks to hang all our stuff.
On most normal days we have lots of things hanging…my purse, sweaters, jackets, gym bags, reusable grocery bags that need to go back in my car, and my husband’s motorcycle helmet.  It gets a little crowded sometimes so I try to keep it tidy.  But if it keeps all that stuff off the floor and not on our kitchen counters, which I figure it is worth it.
I used to have trouble framing scrapbook paper.  But then I realized my problem was I didn’t have the right paper.  I love that it is an easy way to tie in color.  Just a little pop can pull everything together.
Photos of us with hints of blue and browns incorporate perfectly…
Frames, mirrors, clocks…some of my favorite decorating items…all found at thrift stores or garage sales.
And my French bench…that I drew with a sharpie…
And like everything…there is almost something still unfinished…our front door.  I was afraid that with how small the entryway is and that the paint was a bit darker than some of our other paint colors, that the space would feel to dark.  To open it up a bit I decided to paint the inside of the door white.  So as you can see I started.  But yet to finish.  I will get to it one of these days.  I don’t mind unfinished projects.  It is intentional compared to having the house a mess. 
And my cute dress?
I got it on clearance at Target for $5!  I love Target but their clothes prices are a bit more than what I normally like to spend.  So unless it is really cute or an “essential” wardrobe item…I usually only buy dresses and shirts when they are on clearance. 
Camera strap: Polka Dot Bungalow