Repainted Master Bathroom

DSC_0216Yes, our door is broken.
So…I am not quite done with our master bath, but since I teased you all on Facebook about it weeks ago, I figured I should show you the progress.  Because, honestly, like so many other things in our home, I work on it in stages.  I tidied up a bit…but not really that much.  You know how it is.
One of my favorite pieces is my shell chandelier that we got on our honeymoon in Cancun.  At this point, we do not have updated light fixtures so I just hung the chandelier in front of our over the mirror lights.  It actually lightens the bright lights giving it a nice white glow through the shells. 
I shared awhile ago that we switched out our medicine cabinet for a thrift store frame and that I got rid of all my towel racks and replaced them with cute little hooks.  I am trying to think out of the traditional home d├ęcor box and incorporating pretty details instead.
I am still trying to decide what I want to place on the top of our white cabinet {cabinet from Simply Shabby Chic collection at Target} and hope to organize it a bit better.  But as you see, I try to use pretty things like baskets and white tea cups to organize all our bathroom essentials.
I am really in love with the color and love the contrast to our bedroom.  I splurged a little and went with Behr’s paint and primer {unknowingly}.  I fell in love with the color and couldn’t go with anything else.  And in case you are like me and are not sure…yes, expensive paint does make a difference.  But I am still a frugal girl and will consider this an exception to my usually tightwad ways. 
I also painted the entryway the same color.  I will be sharing about that and my cute dress next week!  :)
Color :: Behr Ultra Harmonious


  1. I heart the color and the towel :) I tried the 2 in 1 from Behr and thought it was realllllly thick, I was so tired after painting a room with it! Unless I MUST use a primer, I prefer the regular :)

  2. Totally LOVE the color! So relaxing and inviting...pretty, pretty, pretty :)

  3. Very nice! Looks so calming and serene! I really like that 'sheet-music butterfly'!!! is that something you bought or is it a DIY project? I'd love to know!

  4. I think your bathroom is lovely, Ashley! I really like the wall color...nice to hear your thoughts on more expensive paint. I usually buy cheap paint, and I bet I'd love the results if I'd spent a little more.

  5. I love this.. I am always amazed at what you do and how you accomplish all the wonderful things you do each day!! Have a great day!!

  6. This is such a beautiful bathroom!!! You have excellent taste! My husband and I just bought an old home out in the country that needs some major TLC. I'll be coming back to your site often for design inspiration!! :o)

  7. I've been trying to decide what color to paint my kitchen and my bathroom..I may just go with this for one of them! So pretty!

  8. I really like it! I've been dying to paint my master bath. I need to decide on a color.
    P.S. that is a super cute dress :)

  9. Love it! Very clean and serene-feeling...(but with lots of personality!) I absolutely love that cabinet!! Do you know what it's called? I couldn't find it on the Target website! :( I've been looking for something like this forever! I can't stand having toiletries on the bathroom counter even if they are in a necessaire. It is so much classier to whisk them away in a pretty basket instead of sticking them under the sink!

  10. As I'm reading this, I am wearing the SAME EXACT DRESS!! hahaha!! Love the color of the walls!! :o)

  11. I was going to ask about your dress because it is adorable! I love the color too!

  12. I'm not yet finish go through all your posts, but I already place your button on my blog..becos your work of arts is amazing and so inspiring. Love PC (Malaysia)


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