Accessorizing The House

Now that the majority of the house is painted and I have become more comfortable living in it, I am able to find new potential with different accessories.  It is often frustrating to want to pull together a whole room in one day.  It takes patience to collect just the right things.  I am reaping the rewards of waiting to find the right thing…and enjoying the process…
Old items that were taken down from different rooms are given new life {I love the look of my butterfly plates now hanging from a ribbon—gives a girly feminine feel}…sea shells are revived to bring in some earthiness without being too beachy.
Antique finds {like this old camera from my father in law} continue to tell our story…and giant blown up photos {like this one of us when we got engaged} remind us of the life we are living…I moved all our movies and cookbooks out of this hutch to display all my pretty serving dishes in a more accessible location…
Collecting one of a kind objects makes shopping trips so fun…I found these key hooks at Marshall’s…
Now everything can hang in style…
What new or old accessories have you collected yesterday?


  1. You are really pulling everything together!! And your photos are stunning. :)

  2. It looks fantastic - I'm not much of an accessory girl, but love it when others do it good!

  3. I swear, when I sleep I dream about your home. I'm going crazy finding yellow and white accessories that I want to bring in for the summer. The search continues :)

  4. My house is such a constant work in progress...have I ever mentioned we have been here almost 10 years? Love your accessories! Great inspiration.

  5. Hey there!
    I'm still here, sort of. I'm just feeling so uncreative/unmotivated w/ my blog, BUT I still love reading your blog. I'll tell you when/if my brain returns. But about accessories, it's funny you write this b/c this last weekend I took all my accessories down and rearranged and played w/ accessories I had in my craft closet. I was wishing I had money in my budget for new accessories. But rearranging helped too :)

  6. you've probably said before but where is your camera strap from? Kelly


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