Deceptively Delicious :: Hamburgers

This week’s recipe for my Deceptively Delicious series was hamburgers.  The burger was made up of ground turkey and carrot puree.  It was pretty good…lots of good flavor, but I struggled with the consistency.  The vegetable puree makes the burger taste very veggie burgerish which I am not the biggest fan of. 
I also made some homemade fries which are a—I have a whole bunch of extra potatoes I need to use up—staple.  I simply cut them up, mix them in a bowl or ziploc bag with extra virgin olive oil and spices {usually either salt, pepper, and garlic powder OR Red Robin seasoning—did you know you can buy it from the restaurant?  It is amazing!}
Read more of my Deceptively Delicious meals.  Better yet, buy the book!
I love swapping out ground turkey for ground beef.  What recipes do you swap beef for turkey?  {I am a big fan of Sandra Lee’s apple turkey burger with a maple mustard sauce from her Grilling cookbook}


  1. Ashley, really like this post... I think people are afraid to use ground turkey as a substitute and it really is good. I use it all the time, or half and half it with Textured Vegetable Protein,(TVP). This can be found at a Natural food store. It's great because it takes on the flavors of what you cook with it. I like it with Mexican dishes, or Spaghetti, or anything that has a lot of flavor so it can be absorbed into the TVP... Thanks for the reminder to try and eat healthy!

  2. great post! how do yu get away with turkey, vegt. burgers?


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