Let Me Explain Myself

I often find myself explaining myself and am learning I do it out of insecurities.  It’s as if I feel like I need people to understand my life in order to justify the way I choose to live.  When in fact, I do not need their approval to live my life at all. 
My husband and I are different.  We are simple.  We don’t like to be busy.  We choose to spend our time, energy, talents, and money on things that reflect our lifestyle and priorities.  And that is not going to be the same as everyone else’s. 
I recently found myself planning an email in my head to explain and justify a recent choice that was made.  I had to step back and really analyze the motive behind this.  Instead I chose to reach out to a friend that I trust and who knows me to talk some of this out.  It is those friends that I never have to explain myself with that I need go to for encouragement and support.  They already understand.  They know me.  They know my priorities.  They understand my passions. 
Instead of explaining myself, I am going to live my life more confidently and rely on those who truly know me and understand me and can support me in the decisions I make. 
I am done explaining myself.
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