Summer To-Do List


I was at the library recently and checked out some books I am looking forward to flipping through over the next few weeks.  Looking through the books reminded me just how much I love the library and that I had not paid a visit in quite awhile. 

You know I blabber on and on about how much I do not enjoy reading {or take a very excruciating time to finish a book}, but I do enjoy flipping through cookbooks, organizing/housekeeping, and crafting books {and the occasional DVD}. 

While I was at the library I somehow signed up for the summer reading program while checking out my books.  At first I thought the librarian thought I was sixteen but thankfully she mentioned there was an adult program as well after asking my age {phew}.

The act of taking the time to slowly walk the rows and rows of books was so relaxing and enjoyable.  I was reminded that this summer, along with my to-do list of projects I want to do around the house, I needed to make a to-do list of things I want to do to enjoy this summer.  Over the past few years I have seen many bloggers make fun to-do lists to do with their kids over summer.  Instead of filing that idea in my “when we have kids” folder, I decided I am going to make a list of fun things for me and my husband to do this summer {and a few things to do by myself as well}. 

Being at the library was a reminder of a slower pace of life.  I want to make time to flip through books and whatever else fits into the enjoyment/relaxing/slowing down category.  Perhaps that is why I do not like to read very much:  I am always going.

Between the motivation to slow down and the free pencil I got for joining the summer reading program, I think I might just pick up a book this summer…or at least accomplish that to-do for fun list. 

What are your summer to-do for fun goals?


  1. all it took was a pencil, huh? Only you Ashley. LOL.

    This is the plan so far for us: more NYC trips- actually told him that I want to visit their huge library- , going to Hershey Park, the Zoo, picnics, hang out with friends more, a concert,and a whole bunch of things that I found out are free in our area.

  2. going to the library is so wonderful..all those books, quiet, and peaceful. I love the library... sounds like you have a plan to read and good for you..need any picks, let me know. I belong to a book club and we've read some pretty good books,, I think you'd like, "The school of essential ingredients"'s a fun book about a woman who opens her restaurant for a cooking school at night... try it!

  3. You are very smart to make a list of fun things to do as a couple. Adding kids to the mix gets tricky to find time for fun couple stuff...or things for yourself.

  4. Do you work ashley? I do, 30 hours a week, and sometimes I feel life goes so fast that I can barely catch up. My husband tells me I don't need to work, but I feel it's silly to quit while I don't think I'll be productive enough at home all day.

    Share that to do list with us!


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