Mexican Salad :: Just Ingredients

I wanted to share with you my most latest salad obsession.  This is one more of hopefully many “just ingredient” recipes I share…making the kitchen less complicated without long recipes!  What I love about this is that this recipe was passed on to me as just the ingredients.  It is not exactly like the first time I had it but it sure is good every time I make it!
The ingredients:
-Dressing*: watered down packet of ranch buttermilk dressing with a little mayo and dill {I don’t use the whole packet…just enough for it to taste delicious}.  I love the idea of watery dressing…it still has full flavor but gets on every single little piece of lettuce!
-Mixed greens*
-Black beans*
-White corn*
-Jicama {Gives it a crunch, could use onions instead}
-Bell Peppers
Feel free to not include all items or to add your own.  I starred* the items that I thought were a must have, but feel free to change it to the veggies you love!
What is your favorite “just ingredient” salad?