Reorganizing Our Bedroom

Our bedroom may possibly be my favorite room in our house {which I believe is a rare thing as it is often the most neglected}.  It is small which keeps it simple and free from too many decorations.  Everything in the room serves a function but still looks pretty.  And everything is just so airy and light making it a truly dreamy space.
For our big yard sale a couple of weeks ago, I went through my closet to get rid of stuff I do not wear or love.  This allowed for a more spacious and organized closet…providing easy access to the clothes I do love.  I got rid of a large jewelry box {passed it on to a deserving and appreciative jewelry loving friend} and replaced it with a dresser from my craft room {which I also downsized on giving me an empty dresser}.  I moved another much larger dresser out of the closet and into the craft room, leaving the contents of the big dresser to this one {was that way too much wording?}.
Since I know you are all nosy {as am I}, I thought I would share with you an intimate part of my life…yes, what are in my dresser drawers?
What once fit into a large standing jewelry box, now fits nicely into one drawer…
Socks, pj’s, panties, and bras…{drawer organizers from Ikea—they zip up for flat storage when not in use}
Organizing Bedroom
And all of “this” is stored in my vintage trunks…feels so old fashioned Hollywood…LOVE…
My shoes are within reach {and all fit in one spot} finally after switching them with the luggage {cannot tell you how many times shoes have toppled down into my face from above}…
My dresses can finally lay flat {I used to have to fold them over a hanger for the dresser that was below it}.  Purses and bags in baskets above…and GASP…empty storage space…
It truly is a dream space now.  I only keep what I love-love-love.  I can see everything.  I have access to everything.  Things are no longer crumpled or hidden.  Such a wonderful lesson in investing in fewer things that I really love and to let go of holding onto too much stuff.
And to give you an idea of what I went through for our yard sale {since I didn’t really tell you about it}.  Box of ribbon to the left=too much ribbon I am afraid to get rid of from every birthday and Christmas gift.  Box of ribbon to the right=ribbon I love, on spools, easy to see and use. 
Now I am not encouraging waste of course.  I could hardly get myself to throw away a perfectly good ribbon {or barely worn piece of clothing}.  But if you have the space {I have gracious empty nesting parents who store all our junk in their garage all year for our annual yard sale…bless their hearts}, store it away to sell or even keep a monthly…dare I say weekly donation bag to drop off to goodwill.  Think of your friends and family as well…pass around clothes or give crafty scraps to a crafty friend {though that is how I accumulated a lot of this stuff!}. 
You don’t have to waste stuff…but you also don’t have to hold on to it! 
Love my newly clutter free home!
How are you decluttering?