Lace Canvas Art

I picked up this vintage flower embroidery art at the thrift store recently and am using it as the inspiration for a wall I am redoing.  I love that the colors work well with what I already have in the home but it will incorporate more pinks, yellows, and greens...making the house more vintage inspired and not just white shabby chic.  I wanted to make a few more "art" type pieces and came up with this lace canvas art.  I do not "make art" very often so it was really fun to be extra creative in making these.

1. What you will need: Sample paint colors {I use the ones I already had as they match the colors of our house}, canvas boards, lace, and tape or glue.

2. Paint your canvas board.

3. Glue or tape on lace {I also used these pre-made yarn flowers I found at the craft store}.  I just taped the lace in the back of the board so that if and when I change my mind, the lace doilies are still in tact {the thought of cutting was too scary!}

Beautiful, vintage inspired art, for pennies.

Do you create art for your home?