Last Lunch

just some awkward angled sitting on the couch photos

My husband recently got a promotion at his current job.  And I am over the moon for him and this exciting move...full of new job experiences and a bit more mooolah {if you know what I mean!}.  He has been at his current job since right before we started dating {7 years ago! and which our first date was to a big fancy work Christmas party} and I am so proud of his commitment and hard work invested which has resulted with a big pat on the back. 

With any career move there will be many changes for him to adapt to including his hours.  We are looking forward to more consistent hours {no more guessing what time dinner should be ready} but his lunch hour will be cut in half.

Up until now, my husband has been coming home almost everyday for lunch.  As newlyweds {going on 2 years in October!} it has been a special time for me to anticipate his homecoming and prepare him something to eat.  It was nothing big or fancy but it was nice to have an hour to see each other, connect on the day's occurrences thus far, and enjoy an episode or two of our favorite DVR-ed shows.

Today {which was really last week sometime} I got a little emotional thinking how this little season of life was coming to an end.  As a girl who is nostalgic about everything, I grabbed our camera to take a few photos of us relaxing on the couch, and squeezed my husband as he left to go back to work telling him to not leave me!

I must admit I will look forward to having more freedom in the afternoon to run errands and chase around my nephew...but I was a bit sad knowing my sweet husband will not get his daily afternoon refuge to be at home.  And that I will have to wait until the end of the day to see his sweet face.  Not to mention the lunches I will have to start making! wink.

All this to say...I wanted to write this post so that years from now I could come back and remember our lunch times at home.  Not that they will never happen again...but perhaps there will be screaming children one day...or something...and I do not think it will be the same.

So thanks for letting me share so that I can look back and remember our little newlywed lunches with a smile.