Monterey Birthday Trip

Every year for my birthday, my husband and I take a mini day trip.  If it was not for birthdays and anniversaries, we sometimes get too comfortable just hanging at home.  This year we headed to Monterey.  This summer has been hot and I needed a break from the heat and to smell some ocean air.  It was a perfectly cool day with my favorite man.

We did lots of site seeing and browsing around the little shops...

And tried some fresh baked goods...

We also found a gold mine of an antique shop...two was huge and totally amazing...picked up some vintage linens I used for our backyard country party...

Then it was off to the beach...there is something about the salty air and sand in between my toes that speaks deep into my is so calming and relaxing...

Ocean front dining...we ate Italian...neither of us our big fish eaters...

A perfectly lovely birthday trip...and always a reminder of how lucky I am to have such an awesome man...a day away from regular life is the best gift!

*Many of you often ask how we get such great photos of us when it is just the two of us...well, my husband patiently drags our tripod around or we will set up the camera on a ledge of some sort.  We use the timer on our camera and we also have a remote.  I am very picky about how our pictures turn out so I always prefer to set up our own shots!

Outfit details: Dress-Ross // Sweater-Old? // Shoes-Steve Madden from Marshall's $5! // Pins on sweater-vintage and collected {I believe I wore some I got from Disneyland!} // Lace bow-my craft room // Cherry Purse-Juicy Couture from Ross


  1. What a great trip! All the pictures are awesome!!

    Your dress is gorgeous too! I love the rosettes at the bottom :)
    What a fantastic way to spend your birthday!

  2. What an awesome day. That town looks super cute!! And of course the two of you are a very cute couple. Glad you had a great day.

  3. Gorgeous pictures! I love how you guys bring your tripod. I swear my husband would fuss the whole time but we would have tons of pics of just us. We have none.

    Hope you had a great time:) Looks like you totally did.

  4. What a great looking trip! I always forget to use the *timer* feature on our camera. duh! lol

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Ashley!

    And happy birthday to you too! This trip looks wonderful. I've only really passed through Monterey, but not spent much time there. Your photos make me want to plan a weekend there, or at least a day trip like you two had.

    What a great tip on photos. I've stopped even trying to get photos of both of us because people are mostly so bad at taking pictures, but I love the idea of just setting up our own shots. Good call!

  6. What a fun trip! I know just what you mean about being picky. I never like the way photos of us turn out when other people take them!

  7. Looks like a very fun time! I love the pictures!

  8. How funny I was thinking of asking you how you get pictures of the two of you and then you had it at the end :)

    That's another adorable dress, love it! I'm supposed to take my oldest to Monterey next month to check out their college. We'll have to hit some shops too :)

  9. Oh, what a lovely time & you are a fabulous couple!

    I haven't been to Monterey in years, but some of your photos brought back memories of just how beautiful it is.

    Hugs to you!


  10. These are some great pics! Thanks for letting us peer into your vacation! I love all of the cool boots in that one pic!


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