Not Doing It All & Finding My Place

I recently had a conversation with my husband about how I have been feeling like I have lost my place.  I so often get caught up in the mundane of the day to day...laundry, cleaning, cooking...that I get consumed with the perfection of my home that I don't make time for other things that are more important...things I want to be doing.  I feel guilty if I don't get everything done.  I feel like I have failed as a wife when the laundry is not folded. 

Then later that night, I read some blog posts...and it sounds like quite a few of you are feeling the same way. 

It is my own obsession with perfection...wanting my home to have a certain image...wanting to portray the woman who has it all together.  So often we get caught up in the comparison game.  And while I am trying to create the home and life I think I want, I really end up compromising the life that I am desperately yearning for. 

I have an hour.  I have the time.  But I get too caught up in my to do list.

I suppose I could create a better system.  Be better disciplined.  Or perhaps let go a little bit.  And somehow letting go is the hardest of them all.

I desire relationships.  I desire honesty.  I desire creativity.  And if it means the laundry isn't always done than so be it. 

How do you deal with the mundane? 


  1. Sister from another mother, you know I feel your pain...I wish I can give some insight, but like you, I don't even know where to start. I'm hoping after this weekend, when the parents leave and we come back from NYC, I'm really gonna sit down and prioratize because right now, this is not working out.


  2. My motto is that laundry, dishes, whatever will always be there later. You aren't going to remember that day you didn't get that laundry folded but you WILL remember what you did instead of folding it :)

  3. I know e.x.a.c.t.l.y what you mean.
    I feel so alone in it too. And I Know that's a lie.

    So thankful that there is someone out there going through some of the same things.


  4. (Nodding in vigorous agreement)

    I absolutely feel the same thing. Since we both work and I also teach fitness classes, I've been happy to split up the chores duties, and I'm grateful that Mark does the dishes and folds the laundry. BUT, it's never top priority for him, so that means I'm often looking at dishes that I wish were done or clothes that I wish were folded. And then I have to ask myself: "Would I rather live with the mess, or clean it up myself?" (Usually I decide to live with it, but not always. And then I try my very best not to be frustrated about it!)

    Pauline at the English Organizer has an awesome post that really changed the way I view chores. Check it out here.


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