Snapshots of South Carolina

While I have hundreds of pictures to go through from our recent trip to South Carolina {and North}, I thought I would share a few snapshots via my phone.  Full details to come soon...but until then...

1. Our Hotel in Charleston
2. Some nerd glasses I picked up there
3. Layover in Arizona
4. Blingin hotel in Charleston
5. My husband being "entertaining"
6. 101 flavors soda fountain

7. Airport layover and reading material

8. Florist vending machine in North Carolina airport
9. Kelly Moore Camera bag overnighted for our trip
10. Husband nerding it out
11. My luggage

11. Channeling my inner Panam
12. Husband getting in an airport workout


13. Carriage ride tour in Charleston
14. Sunset Beach, North Carolina

15. Delicious airplane crackers, Sprite, and Hello Kitty DS

16. Experiencing the Atlantic Ocean

17. Eating and shopping it up at Cracker Barrel

Stay tuned for more...I have to finish the laundry, edit a recent wedding, and get myself back in know how it is...perhaps a sponsor giveaway next week will hold you over!