What's In My Closet :: Layering {Vlog}

Today I would like to share a bit about layering and some of my favorite items I often wear.  With fall fast approaching {and some of you are so lucky to already get cooler weather...I usually have to wait for the end of October!}, it is a great time to invest in pieces that will help you transition with the change of weather.

What layering items do you love?


  1. Love layering!
    I think my layering started when I was nursing my little girls. I had to wear a tank top under everything So I could nurse without showing everyone the goods ;)
    And I've been doing it ever since. I love to layer. Sometimes it gets a bit hot--I live in Texas but that's why we have a/c ;)


  2. I'm a layering gal, I have a few chunky sweaters, but the majority is light/medium weight so I can layer with tank tops and jackets.

  3. I LOVE layering mostly because I'm a cardi fiend :)

  4. leggings! I know they don't usually classify as "layering", but bright leggings can add pizzaz to a fall skirt or dress, plus warmth!


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