October 31, 2011

I am "that" aunt

Though it is Halloween, I assure you these photos were taken long before fall was even a thought.  But I felt weird posting about anything else on Halloween.  Let's just say his mom rolled up into the driveway right after I took these.  Someone's got some explainin' to do...I am THAT aunt.  Mom and dad beware. 

What are you all dressing up for tonight?  I am pretty sure I might just have my PJ's on!


  1. Haha!

    PJs for us tonight for sure! We're in LA, in the condo, so we get no trick-or-treaters here. Boo! Can't wait to spend next Thanksgiving handing out candy in Truckee!

  2. I wanted to be Red Ridding hood for a family party but due to change of plans I'm going to be a "mummy" carrying her little Frankenstein while Trick or treating

  3. I'll be a bicker chick, too easy to tie on a do-rag, pull out the Harley T-shirt and find the jeans with a tear in the leg. Done.

  4. This is one cute baby!!! I was "that aunt" for a long time! All the in-laws had tons of kids and I was the resident babysitter and friend to all. :-) They still remember all the fun things we did together and they are all grown up! LOL

  5. Beautiful halloween home and cute idea on the pumpkin pizza...yum!

  6. Very cute baby! I love the way you set up the Halloween theme across the house. Thanks for sharing this! I love reading your blog. <3

  7. Lucky to have an aunt like you!! He's adorable!

    With any luck my new niece will be here this weekend! I can't wait!


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