Holiday Dessert Party

We hosted our 2nd annual holiday dessert party this year and it was a blast!  You can read about last year's party here.  The theme of the party is that each guest brings a dessert to share and everyone votes for their favorite.  The winner gets to take home a fun Christmasy prize!  I love incorporating "activity" to parties because it gives something for people to socialize over. 

I followed the dessert theme by setting up a candy land inspired tablescape.

As guests arrive the table gets filled with lots of yummy treats.  You can see the prize basket by the blue tinsel tree in the background.  Some good loot was in there!  I love hosting this party because I do not have to bake!  I love baking but it is rare occasion to have a large party and not have to prepare any dessert! 

There is always such a variety and it is fun to try everyone's "best" desserts.  There is usually a majority of chocolate!

My gym friends representing...we burned the cookies off later...wink

I love the discussion and debate about the can see there was some very serious thoughts being had here...

Of course my favorite baby was there...

And he made a very fun may recognize him from my birthday...he is always the life of the party...

I love the expression on his mom's face..."walking" up the stairs was a new found skill he accomplished that night...yikes...

Cute friends...

Sweet babies...

And silly grandmas...

And the vintage dress hack was perfect!

Me and the hubster...blessed by great friends and family...and yummy treats we didn't have to make!

What kind of holiday themed parties have you gone to or hosted?


  1. This party is GREAT! Love it all!

  2. I love it! Everything looks so pretty & festive! Gorgeous! Angie xo

  3. Wow, it all looks so gorgeous! I am getting hungry just looking at all the desserts, yum! We do something simialr on Christmas day - a dessert buffet, I'm looking forward to it! :) Merry Christmas xo Kirsty

  4. I absolutely LOVE this, I remember seeing that you did this last year and love the idea!
    So fun and delicious I'm sure!

    I will definitely have to host a party like this next year!

  5. too much fun!! everything looks delicious! makes me want to host a christmas party! maybe next year! :)
    love your outfit too!

  6. What a fun (and pretty) party! Love how you have everything all set up. We're hosting family on Christmas Eve for a little dessert thing...I need to get busy cleaning! ;)

  7. how fun! and decorated beautifully! so which dessert won? and can we get the recipe? :)

  8. Love the table scape! Where'd you find those little candy houses? Adorable.

  9. So much fun!! I did the Ugly Sweater Party and had everyone bring a snack to share. I should have had everyone vote on that too!!

    Those stairs are so scary! My niece is pretty good at them now that she is 2 but at my one brothers house there is some kind of stairs in 3 sections of the entry way. Made us all a nervous wreck haha.

  10. absolutely LOVE that Brent dressed up. Nothing more handsome than a man in a tie. Good work.


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