Our Christmasy Bedroom

Decorating your bedroom for Christmas may not be on the top of everyone's decorating priority list...but it makes me happy to see these cute little trees when I wake up.  I asked my husband if he woke up each morning with Christmas dreams of sugar plums...but apparently at 4 am he has other things on his mind...like work.  Booo. 

I spend a lot of time in our bedroom...getting ready in the morning, getting ready for bed, putting away laundry, getting stuff and putting stuff away...so making this room festive was fun for me.  So no one will see it...except ALL of YOU!  It's worth it!  Plus it is very romantic as well which I like. 

I used my DIY doily runner to cover my vintage trunks and set a snowy place for my trees and little deer to hang out.

A simple berry wreath is hung by a ribbon from our curtain rod.

And a mirror shot so you can see the whole view of our little room...

Do you decorate in your bedroom?  Or your kid's rooms?