What Is Your Work Worth? :: Making Money Blogging

Something that has been on my mind lately is the topic of time versus money.  My husband and I started a photography business this year and we recently raised our prices.  As a frugal girl I have a hard time putting an accurate dollar amount to my skills.  I am always looking for a deal but when it comes to making a business for myself I need to set my tightwad ways aside and evaluate really what my talent is worth.

I also recently read a post from MomCrunch about blogging and working for free.  The argument was that, as bloggers, we deserve to be fairly compensated for our work and it was encouraged we don't just ship out our writing for free.  A good read if you are interested in this topic.

For me this all comes down to time versus money.  For so long, I have had a lot of free time on my hands.  I was looking everywhere to trade my time or skills for something so that I made a penny here and there without having to go out and get a regular job.  I have learned now to only commit to things that are worth my time and compensate fairly.  Between watching my nephew and having a husband who's job is requiring him to work long hours and sometimes weekends, I do not have the same time and energy that I used to.  The time I have now, especially with my husband, need to not be spent doing unpaid or low paying work.  My time is just not worth it.  

In the blog world it is easy to want to jump on the make money blogging bandwagon.  But I challenge those of you who are interested in making money blogging to be choosy about who you work with.  It is important to consider what is worth your time and skill as well as what is worth putting on your blog.  It sets the standard for all of us as bloggers and what we are willing to work for. 

What is your opinion on time versus money...and how does this relate to your work, blog, home life, etc?

To follow up this post, next week, I will be sharing about the companies I work with and why I think they are valuable partnerships with my blog.  I hope you will join in on the conversation sharing what you like and don't like about blog advertisement.


  1. Good post, Ashley! Blogging has taken a backseat in my life lately due to prioritizing... it's something I do for fun and don't get paid BUT I have to be choosy on how I spend my days between all I'm doing. I love blogging but def don't do it for the $.

  2. great post!!! i would love to make money blogging some day! :)

  3. Since I don't get any moola from blogging is hard to tell. What I can say is that my priorities about my time have definitely changed in the last year and a half. Working and paying for a daycare is not worth my time right now. We definitely need more income but if I'm basically going to work to just pay daycare ($1200 a month- and not even the best one, plus travel, gas, etc) I rather spent my time where it matters, with my family.

    uhm...I'm not even sure if this relates to your post! darn insomnia.


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