Choosing Action Over Ideas

I recently read a very inspiring post over at Small Notebook about having inspiration overload...

"It’s better to take one idea and bring it to fruition than to continue to collect more ideas."

This really hit me as I am always collecting more ideas...more supplies for more ideas...more shopping trips for my ideas...

Yet all these planning of ideas keeps me from actually making any of them really happen.  

My first step in taking action was getting rid of the ideas that were taking over too much of my life. 

I grabbed all of my magazine inspired ripped out ideas, put them in a basket...and threw them all away {actually I recycled them in case you were concerned}. 

It was a little scary but very freeing.  I will have more ideas to choose from later.  And honestly, many of my ideas are now being documented online. 

These magazine ideas were not being used, were not being organized, and were crowding yet another corner in my home and life.

Do your ideas keep you from taking action?

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