Choosing Action Over Ideas

I recently read a very inspiring post over at Small Notebook about having inspiration overload...

"It’s better to take one idea and bring it to fruition than to continue to collect more ideas."

This really hit me as I am always collecting more ideas...more supplies for more ideas...more shopping trips for my ideas...

Yet all these planning of ideas keeps me from actually making any of them really happen.  

My first step in taking action was getting rid of the ideas that were taking over too much of my life. 

I grabbed all of my magazine inspired ripped out ideas, put them in a basket...and threw them all away {actually I recycled them in case you were concerned}. 

It was a little scary but very freeing.  I will have more ideas to choose from later.  And honestly, many of my ideas are now being documented online. 

These magazine ideas were not being used, were not being organized, and were crowding yet another corner in my home and life.

Do your ideas keep you from taking action?

Another good and similar read from Small Notebook.  


  1. YES!! I feel the same way! I feel like I can sit here gathering soooo many awesome ideas for my home, crafting, cooking.. but I never actually do them, and it feels I keep adding to the "I'm gonna try this" list and get distracted from the things I really really want to work on. Like right I'm overwhelmed with how unorganized closets and drawers are here in our place, so I've been trying to get to that.. but I think I have so many ideas and tips that I've seen, that it makes it hard to figure out how I want to do it. It might sound weird, but after seeing so many great ideas constantly on blogs and pinterest I feel like I have forgotten how to do things! .. I can't really explain it any other way, but maybe to say to me my ideas and ways I do things don't feel as good after seeing other fun ideas elsewhere... I don't know if that makes sense haha!

  2. I horde recipes from magazines and newspapers. I never get around to trying them but it's hard to let them go. Not sure what that is about!

  3. I should take the same approach as you. But I don't think I can throw away over seven years of ripping out of magazines.....but you're right, I have pinterest now. Maybe when I move, I'll consider it.


  4. good idea!! i really should do this too!! :)

  5. I'm with you Sister. I have tons of ideas and projects that I want to tackle (although my lack of achieving them is due to a more financial situation) I bought about a year ago magazine holders that I keep only for Martha, everything else I toss every few weeks. (I get free magazines with the Coke Rewards points)

  6. I am in the same boat. A similar thing happens to me with email. It is amazingly liberating to delete all the ones I've been saving for who-knows-why.

  7. Me makes me frustrated then that I'm not getting anything done and it almost causes a block. So less collecting, more action! Thanks.

  8. You know I have this binder that I keep all my "ideas and inspiration"
    in and I honestly never look at it! I have all my ideas online too.

    The binder is packed right now but I might free up that binder when we move...

  9. ME TOO! Recipes as well. It feels good but nice to get rid of the clutter!

  10. Amen! I needed this little pep talk! :D

  11. Oh my, not only do I have an overflowing basket of ripped out pages of "ideas", I have stacks and stacks of magazines I haven't gone through. Time to pass the magazines on and toss my basket. Thanks for giving me permission and helping me with information overload.

    Also, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a kind comment. ~ Abby


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