Valentine's Day Treats for Your Sweet

I usually make some sort of sweet treat for my husband and I on Valentine's Day...but as a result, do not have photos to share until the day after.  

By then you all are filling up Easter baskets and I figure it's not worth sharing.  

This year, I was a little ahead of the game and also stumbled on a Valentine's treat from last year...that I never shared.  

If you need some sweet treats inspiration for next week, these are all super easy to throw together!  Enjoy!

Heart shaped ice cream cookie {that I made last year}
-Use store bought cookie dough and mold into a heart either using a heart pan or cookie cutter.
-Do the same to mold ice cream into heart shape.
-Add chocolate chips to ice cream.
-Smear some melted chocolate on top with Vday sprinkles!

Avalanche Treats in heart shaped silicone cupcake liners
-Melt vanilla chips and peanut butter in a double broiler on the stove.
-Once melted, mix in rice krispy cereal and marshmallows.
-Top with chocolate chips

*One of my most favorite desserts EVER.  I ate ten while making them!

And if you do not feel like cooking...

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Valentine
-Your honey's favorite candy taped onto heart cut out sheet music

Are you getting ready for Valentine's Day yet?  I am hosting my second annual Ladie's Valentines Tea on Saturday and will kick my booty into gear and get it posted on Monday!  xoxo