Thank you for all the kind and encouraging comments, emails, text messages, and prayers.  Reading them in the waiting room this morning calmed my nerves and warmed my heart.  {big hugs}

We had a fairly easy morning and all are in good spirits.  The test went well and we were relieved to find out that the surgery will not be as intrusive as it may have been.

The message my parents got about the surgery was not completely clear and so we found out today that he will actually be meeting with the surgeon on Thursday to discuss the surgery and then an appointment will be made from there.  But the surgery should be scheduled for sometime soon {hopefully in the next few weeks}.

The gritty technical details:
There was 30% blockage in his arteries which is fairly low and so he will not need bypass surgery.  His valve got deteriorated due to infection which tore the valve and left a hole.  They will replace his valve with his own valve.  This surgery is less intrusive and will have a quicker recovery time.  After the surgery he should not have any other issues with this and it will not come back!  Yay!

Mom and I are enjoying the sunshine outside, making phone calls and snacking, while my dad recovers from the sedation.  He is looking forward to where we will go out to eat afterwards...we are thankful and blessed that things are looking up!