{Very Subtle} Saint Patrick's Day Decor

 sneak peek to my newly decorated entryway...to post soon!

I really do love Saint Patrick's Day...I love the green...the pinching...eating artificially colored green food.  But you wouldn't know based on my holiday decor.  I struggle with all the green.  My pastel home doesn't do well.  So subtle it is...but I like it that way.

I put out my green shamrock dish...and filled it with leftover Valentine's Day candy...and then I ate it all.  Then I clipped this little shamrock I made a few years ago back when I had big eyes about selling stuff on Etsy to a photo.

I also have two other St. Patti's dishes as well as a tea pot...we will see if it gets used this year.  I imagine it will be fun when we have kids so I continue storing my five St. Patti's Day stuff. 

The last few years we started the tradition of making mint chocolate chip milkshakes on Saint Patrick's Day...but with the recipe for a McDonald's shamrock shake floating around the internet, we might have to give it a try this year!

And a few years ago, I blogged about some chocolate covered pretzels for Saint Patrick's Day...

And in case you LOVE Saint Patrick's Day, you can read more posts on this green filled day in my archives.

Do you have any fun Saint Patti's Day traditions?


  1. Cute!! I am going to surprise the kids on Saturday and decorate the entire dining room rainbowy... but I love your subtle hints.. so cute!

  2. So cute- Im going to attempt a shamrock fabric banner to surprise my daughter while she's away at SeaCamp this week. And hopefully blog about it. oh, the blogging...........

  3. Cute!! Can't wait to see how you changed your entry!
    I love St. Patrick's purely because I love green! :)

  4. Happy St Patricks Day from N Ireland :)

    I love the subtle touches.

    Here the home decor is SO subtle it is non existent! We don't really get into home decor here accept for Christmas, and even then on a much smaller scale.

  5. I didn't know you made choc-dipped pretzels this year, so did I! How fun! I had an actual Shamrock Shake from McD's, I was not impressed. :-)


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