Easter Breakfast

Every Easter my husband and I have my parents over for an Easter breakfast and then they join us for church afterwards.  Later in the day we also still share a meal over at my in-laws as well as at my brother's for my side of the family.  Exhausted yet?  

I am not sure how this breakfast was brought about but the first year we got married I remember having a conversation with my husband sharing my dissapointment that all the holidays were already "taken" by other family members.  For a girl who loves to entertain, I felt like I was missing out on something!

A few years later...I have realized not hosting is a blessing!  It's a lot of work!  And because I do not host any holidays, when we do have people over I have the energy and desire to go all out for things like birthdays and backyard barbecues. 

So as a result, we started hosting an Easter with my parents...so that I could cook...and make a cute table...and have people in our home...without too much fuss.

It has become a fun little tradition, along with things like our Christmas eve and Thanksgiving eve traditions I have started with my husband.  Time for just us...time for me to play domestic fashionista...and carved out time we are making now so that when we have kids we will be able to fit in time at home as well as time with family.

All that being said...my Easter table...highly inspired by the Nester's recent girls get together.

Pinwheels are so easy, cute, and Springy.  Makes me smile.  And  baker's twine that the sweet Candice mailed to me!

I picked up chocolate from Trader Joe's for each of us...and also serves as a table setting.  Paper straws found at BevMo for super cheap!  Accompanied by matching pinwheels.

I recently added indoor house plants {again, that Nester and her plants} and some fluff to brighten them up...

Just a little attention to detail...simple enough to throw together with things I had in my craft room...but makes the breakfast feel extra special.

May you all have a beautiful and blessed Easter! xo