Purging My Yard

Over the past month I have been spending more time working in the yard.  Getting my hands dirty, picking weeds, and planting a few more flowers, it has felt wonderful to be outside and enjoy the new blooms of spring.

Though I love working in the yard, it reminded me how much work it is.  Every morning before getting to my day, I would go out to water all my potted plants in the front and back yard. 

And we have a lot. 

Our garden in the ground all gets watered which has saved time but those darn...but beautiful...potted plants made me question how much time I wanted to spend in the yard this year.

Like what I have been learning on the inside of my home, I want to simplify my home so that it is easily maintained but that I could feel like my time was spent living and not always taking care of things. 

I realized the same applied to my yard.

I wanted to keep the plants but not have to constantly be taking care of them.  So I decided it was time to put those plants in the ground where they will get watered automatically. 

All but about five plants were planted in the garden.  Now the only pots I have to take care of are my summer produce {tomatoes, strawberries, and herbs} along with a few hearty plants that can withstand the summer heat and do not need to be watered daily. 

Not only has it cut down on watering time but it also makes the porch look clean and less cluttered.  More room for my sweet little nephew to run around. 

I have been learning so much about how having children around makes you rethink how you function in your home!  I am happy to be simplifying now before we have our own little munchkins running around!

My heart melts...

And the best part?  Our garden looks even more lush and beautiful!  It now feels full without having to buy any extra plants!  Win win I say!


  1. Your yard is beautiful! I have been going plant crazy, need the rain so I can go plant more! Only a few pots for me as well... :)

  2. I'm so jealous! I don't have a real yard, just a deck. So I have to plant everything on pots. I'm expanding my produce this year. Hopefully I won't kill anything this time! hahah

    Your garden looks beautiful and the picture of your husband playing with your nephew is SO adorable!

  3. Tulips [die] I love them so much but with the heat here in Sydney I can never grow them for more than one season. :( I have the opposite of a green thumb though.

  4. This is a good reminder as I plan out our new garden... I'm definitely trying to make sure that it requires as little work as possible, but I'm also dying to grow food again!

    Of course, you could always do what I do, and practice plant Darwinism. :-) Basically, I don't water the plants very often (2-3 times a week at most), and only the strongest survive. Once I figure out which ones are the heartiest and will thrive in the particular climate of my garden, I focus on those and try not to get attached to other plants that I know will just take too much work or, worse, just aren't suited to the amount of sunlight/water/whatever else that I can provide.

    Regardless, your yard and plants look beautiful as always!

  5. I love your photos! I love great photography. I'm an amateur photographer... and I would even use the word amateur loosely. I also love gardening. Well, my husband does, and I love to look at it and enjoy it without ANY of the work. :s
    You should try some prickly pear cactus. We picked one up more than 5 years ago off the road in Texas (with permission) and transplanted it in Missouri. It has made it through the Missouri winters and we've grown SO many! Ours have yet to flower but they're so cute. You should stop by my blog at journalista-karen.blogspot.com.


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