Backyard Mother's Day Brunch

The weather here was perfect for a little outdoor meal for the two mom's in my life.  We hosted a lunch for my mother in law and dinner for my mom.  My goal was simple but still thoughtful as I was out of town all day Saturday. 

It was our first official outdoor event this year and it is always such a reward to see the fruits of Spring in our yard.  The grass is finally green again...plants and flowers are in bloom...with just enough sun and breeze for a perfect day with our beloved mommas. 

What mom wouldn't love a little chocolate bar...including some gluten and dairy free brownies for my MIL.  We served it on top a big ol' dollop of ice cream.

I picked up some new cake stands I was drooling over from a Macy's Martha Stewart ad I saw.  They were a bit pricey but I did my best to use coupons and take advantage of when they were on sale.  They were bought one of the weeks my husband was working all night...a night of was either that or eat another whole bag of Dorritos!  I went back three different nights and the lady who worked there recognized me each time!  Sooo embarassing!

I love them nonetheless and they are one of those few things I felt were worth every penny.  Please notice the smallest one has a little glass bird on top.  Dying of cuteness!  I apologize now if you have suddenly become obsessed with them as I have.  That Martha line is intoxicating.

I seem to have our outdoor entertaining down to a science now.  Simplifying all my supplies has allowed me to streamline everything and make the setup that much easier.

Paper straws added color to the table and I cut a few calla lilies from my yard for a centerpiece.

I got into a conversation with my mother in law about planting flowers in your yard for the purpose of cutting them and using them when entertaining.  I had never considered looking at gardening this way.  We have hydrangeas that haven't bloomed yet that would work but I am also considering looking into buying a rose plant for this purpose.  Any other good suggestions on flowers good for cutting?

A relaxing day outdoors to say the least...

We also ate simply but delicious.  I was able to prepare all the food ahead of time on Friday and made the same meal for both moms.  We had corn on the cob, chicken and fruit kebabs, and oven fries with strawberry lemonade.  

Thankful for my dear mom and sweet mother in law who has blessed me with her son.  Happy belated Mother's Day to all you lovely moms out there!!! xo


  1. Such a lovely setting, everything looks so nice and peaceful. LOVE LOVE those colorful bowls you had on the chocolate bar table!

  2. your yard always make me smile, so simple and beautiful. I love how welcoming it is. You do a terrific job each time :)

  3. so beautiful!!! You really have a talent for event planning :) - Ashley

  4. I always love seeing your outdoor parties!

  5. The husband and I often talk about moving back to Sacramento one day, so we can afford a house with a big back yard like that.

    It looks really pretty! I love all the details, especially the lights.

  6. Looks beautiful! Our Mother's Day was NOT beautiful. It was cold AND rainy :(

  7. Love the cake stands!! I want some covered ones like that, I keep looking at the thrift stores :)

    Iris are nice and any kind of daisies too, Daisies are pretty easy and spread on their own (Shasta Daisies are my favorites!)

    I planted some Calla Lillies last year but they didn't come up. Since you have some that have bloomed I wonder if the gophers ate mine (they've been having a field day in my yard :( )

  8. This is so beautiful!! I love the scenery and the wonderful cake stands, I need to start a collection of my own! I found your blog via a Facebook comment going around about a sacramento area blogger meet up and I love it! I'll be following on bloglovin!


  9. So adorable! I just love the way you style things. Can't help with the flower cutting. My thumb is the furthest thing from green. :D

  10. so beautiful! how special! ok random question: where did you find your cake domes? I have two beautiful cake plates and not a single dome which makes displaying goodies a challenge. suggestions?

  11. we have a knockout rose bush. and it is SUPER easy and breathtaking. we get tons of compliments on it and it's great for cutting. i also love to use my greenery for arrangements. hostas and ferns and other verigated goodies can make arrangements look great. i have even used curly willow sticks.

  12. That looks awesome. I think gladiolas make a huge statement. I always thought of them as funeral flowers, until I worked at the Macaroni Grill, and we used to have fresh white gladiolas continuously. Now I love them. But daisies are also sweet, and very down-to-earth.

  13. Wow!
    1. I am obsessed with the line. They're so cute! I think a little splurge is ok. :D
    2. We have TONS of flowers for cutting. I really love Dahlias (they're my favorite) and Peonies. They're so big and pretty, but they're delicate. You almost have to have a hoop because the weight of the flower can't be supported by the stem. Even in the fall we bring in flowers and let them dry and continue to use them throughout the winter as well. We even use plant's like Lamb's ear (It's soft and fuzzy like a lamb's ear), cat mint, regular mint, lemon basil and other greens in our bouquets because they smell SO good in the house.
    We haven't bought a bouquet of flowers in years, though... we have spent probably waaaay too much on flowers. :D Come visit my blog when you get a chance, just not today because it hasn't been updated this week. But posts are coming! soon...

  14. I have allergies, so I grow alot of herbs specifically for cutting and placing around the house. Mints, Lemon Verbena, Lavender, sage, and even oregano can bring a nice little splash of green into the house.

    They aren't useful for large bouquets, but it's cute to fill little shot glasses or jars.

    It's something nice for those times when my eyes and nose just can't take another flower. ;)

  15. I love your sweet set up! The Martha cake stands are to-die-for!
    We have a couple hydrangeas that I love to cut and share with others and bring in our home. I've also planted zinnias before for the sole use of cutting. I tried planting a cutting garden one year and it was a failure... not enough sun. My granny was so good at planting cutting gardens. She always had tons of larkspur.


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