Flag Bunting Porch

Happy Memorial Day weekend friends!  Hope you are enjoying some barbecued hot dogs and living it up this three day weekend!  I took the opportunity to pull out some of my summer decor this last week in preparation for today.

I picked up my flag bunting a few years ago after summer on clearance {because these babies can be expensive!}.  I have always loved the look of flag bunting on old historical buildings.  It has a bit of a downtown southern charm to it.  

My little flags have served me well.  Since they are made of real flag material {is that a thing?}, they hold well in the sun and with any moisture.  At the end of summer I just throw them in the wash before they get stored.  

Since I am channeling my inner minimalist I decided these were going to be my only Patriotic decor this year.  Simple decorations with a huge wow factor. 

Some new flowers have been planted and I am enjoying watch my plants grow more and more each season.  All that hard works seems to promise new reward every year!

Have you started decorating for summer?


  1. I wanted to put bunting up but never got around to it. We do not have a porch but I had thought it may look night under our windows. I love that look...really nice and your flower baskets are super cute with it!

  2. beautiful! your home is charming and adorable- a perfect reflection of you!

  3. Oh it looks so cute! I love decorating for holidays and different seasons. My husband doesn't like that habit because we don't have a lot of storage space. Annnnd I don't have a porch :(

  4. Your porch looks so cute! Your flower are all filling in really nicely! I need to get a porch rail it would be so much fun to decorate!


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