Weekly To Do List

Happy Monday!  I found it appropriate to post today about my new weekly to do list as I will be jumping into it today after I publish this post.

A few years ago I used to follow a card plan that was having me doing some sort of home task almost everyday.  While this worked for our first year of marriage a lot has changed since then so I needed to come up with something less rigid.

Watching my nephew, having distractions like the internet {which we didn't have our first year of marriage}, and changing my views of how my home functions, I needed something that would hold me accountable but not set me up for failure.

Last week I buckled down and put together a weekly to do list that would remind me of things I wanted to accomplish each day and weekly.

My daily tasks are things that help me stay emotionally healthy.  It is easy for me to start the laundry and keep the kitchen sink clean but if I am not taking the time to take care of myself, all goes out the door.

I have also included a few necessities for each day like watering the plants, making the bed, and finishing my daily water bottle.

My weekly goals are mostly cleaning jobs.  I used to want to set aside one day a week to certain cleaning jobs but I felt like if something came up I would either not make up for the cleaning I didn't do or would be afraid to be available to people because I was too rigid in my schedule.  This allows me to hopefully accomplish some of these household tasks but still take each day at a time, prioritizing what life throws at me.

I also leave room to add items I might need to accomplish just specific to that week.  For example, this last week I added to the list to get together my mother in law's birthday gift and to paint my nails for my friend's wedding.  I also added to start watering indoor plants weekly which will be added into the document when I go to print it today.

At the top I also included just a few specific tasks for each day of the week.  Mondays I usually go grocery shopping and start the laundry.  Tuesdays and Thursdays I watch my nephew and wanted to be more purposeful as he gets older to do at least one specific planned activity with him a week.  So Tuesdays are set that we do one thing totally focused on him.  It can be anything from going on a walk, playing in the water outside, or something more extravagant, like going to the zoo.  Whatever it is, he gets 100% of my attention.  Not only will it be good for him, I think it will be good for me as well.

I have only tried this plan for a week and as you can see I didn't get much crossed off from my weekly to do list but the daily items worked pretty well.  My friend's wedding was this weekend so I allowed myself to put some of those jobs off for the sake of my sanity!  We will see how this week goes.

Do you have a weekly to do list?  What helps you stay on top of taking care of yourself and/or the home?


  1. Love this idea!!!! Good job girly!


  2. I love your list Ashley! It seems very practical, purposeful and well thought out! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

  3. I wish I was this organized! I find most days revolve around my toddlers mood, if it's good I get lots accomplished. If not, I don't :) Ahhhhh it is what it is! Enjoy it while you can. Writing things down is one of the best ways to get there though.

  4. And I thought I was organized! I guess my to-do lists are in my head, and I generally get everything done in a week that I'm supposed to, but I space it all out so I don't stay busy busy busy all day long!

  5. I looove to do lists! and grocery lists! and meal plans. I live by my planner.

  6. I use to use the card system too but felt more guilty all the time and never did really accomplish things. But a friend told me about Fly Lady. I LOVE her plan! It's made such a difference in keeping up with my house on a regular basis. It doesn't overwhelm you but really keeps you on track.

  7. Hi Ashley! I love this idea. What a perfect balance of structure and flexibility, and I love the categories (physical, spiritual) instead of set activities. I definitely need to make a flexible system like this for myself, although some of those cleaning activities might have to be monthly instead of weekly. ;-)

  8. This is so organized! You've thought of practically everything! I have a markerboard hanging on the wall in my office with my daily to-do: work out, drink water, vitamin, and cleaning (I try to do one room every day, but I don't stick to it rigidly.) Then I have a weekly to-do underneath that with 3 or 4 tasks on it. Everything else goes in my planner. Sometimes I feel like it's too many lists in too many places, but it works for me. :o)


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