Summer Backyard Birthday Party

We hosted our first summer outdoor party of the year for my mom and cousin's birthday.  I went with simple but sweet details.  I have gotten to a place where everything I need for parties are now on hand making the prep work easy and fun.  

And the newest addition to our hosted events...fresh cut flowers from our very own yard!  Though I cringed cutting those hydrangeas off the plant, it brought me so much joy to see our own flowers filling the table centerpieces.

There is something so precious about enjoying the works of your own hands.  We have had our garden for two years now and it is starting to really fill in and bloom. 

Like being prepared with serving dishes and table linens, I loved being able to go straight to my garden for the flowers. 

 My beloved burlap welcome banner {Emilie M on Etsy} is now hung for the summer...

I really enjoy lining up our tables into one long table.  Allows for more of a community feel and leads to better conversations.

Our only three potted plants in the backyard this year {besides fruits and veggies} make watering the plants everyday so much easier.

I try to go with simple but tasty meals for big parties.  We had a taco bar.

The view of the backyard from inside is always a treat for my eyes...thank you to a husband who insisted on buying a home with a big yard!

Even babies like paper straws and canning jars!

The birthday girls...

And my sweet hubby who is always so good about making sure our lawn is mowed!

Mom checking out the photo book I made her...

We had a bit of a dessert smorgasbord.  I had a groupon for some fancy cupcakes and gift cards to Baskin Robbins and Coldstone that were burning a hole in my wallet.  It was such a treat {literally} to enjoy so many tasty sweets in one setting!  Plus it freed me from baking...which I usually love...but was thankful to take a break from!

Have you ever had Coldstone's ice cream cupcakes?  OH MY.  The are amaze-balls!

And as always, the crazy baby made for some free entertainment.