Simple Days

I have been desiring more quiet in my life.  I think between the long days of summer combined with a desire to be more focused, I find that I am enjoying a slower paced life.

I have strived for a simplified life for awhile but it seems like every season has new things to adapt to that throw me off course.

It is amazing though how a few things can make such a difference in my daily pace.

I recently stopped going to the gym and started working out at home.  I love not driving as much and using up precious productivity time by driving back and forth.  Not to mention how much less unnecessary shopping I am doing by not being out as much.

I am trying to clear out our cupboard and refrigerator before buying new food.  Something I did in the past when money was tight is now refreshing to choose to do for the sake of simplifying and clearing out our kitchen.  I hate throwing things out when they get old.

I am forcing myself enjoying picking up some old hobbies and finishing projects.  It feels good to sew something myself or finish a project I have had on my to do list for years {I promise to share some of these things soon!}.

And yet all these things boil down to one thing.  Being at home.

I love being at home.  It is something I wanted for so long before I got married.  And yet is is so easy to take for granted or to let slip away.

Refocusing on my home life has refreshed my spirit as well as helped me to refocus on my husband more.

We will be going on three years of marriage in October and I do not want to let that desire to serve and take care of my husband to slip away as quickly as house chores sometimes do.  But somehow it happens so easily.

A little refocus makes me happier, my home taken care of, and my husband better loved.

I would love to do you keep focus on the roles you have in your life?