What I Have Been Up To {aka Decorating-Aholics Anonymous}

It seems that whenever I start a project {in this case our fence} I get inspired to change other things up.  I cannot seem to focus on just one thing.  I see one thing and I begin to see everything.  It's kind of a love hate relationship.  I love that I am overflowing with creative juices but it usually leaves me with multiple unfinished projects.

It all started weeks ago with a little bit of harmless moving of furniture.  I dragged my white hutch out of my craft room and switched it out with the one in our dining room.  The room was lighter.  And had a new feel to it.  And it all just snowballed from there.

I decided I wanted to paint my walls white.  I wanted to go all neutral because my greyish walls were feeling a bit blue {literally}.  I painted the whole room.  And it was still too blue.  So I found new paint and painted it again.  It's not so much white as a creamy beigey grey.

In the almost three years I have been in this home, our dining room has been painted four times.  Three of those times were all this year.  Two of those was all the last few weeks as one was wrong so I had to repaint again. 

My husband and mother think I am crazy.  And there have been a few days where I woke up wondering why I was painting our walls again.  Paint fumes have been haunting our house for weeks.

But I am learning something about myself.  For so long I have settled for good enough.  Painting walls and then feeling like it is not exactly right but living with it and putting everything back up.  Buying the item on clearance or at the thrift store because it is cheap instead of saving for what I really want. 

And through this I have built a sense of patience.  One coat of primer/paint/finishing coat a day over a series of five days while the house is a mess can make a woman {and her poor husband} a little crazy.  But I know...or at least I keep telling myself this...that my patience in doing things right and waiting for just the right thing is going to be worth it.

So while I dilly dally with a paint brush in one hand and my peach tea in another...I will hope you will be patient as these blog posts are wordy because soon enough I will have photos.  Photos of a glorious new look. 

And in case you need more, I have gone back to Pinterest after I continually exceeded my monthly allowance on Evernote.  I am pinning lots of home ideas that are inspiring a new direction with our home. 

 Almost White Walls {because I thought I wanted white and realized I wanted almost white}

Headboard {I have big dreams of coming up with a DIY headboard for our master}

Backyard Garden and Patio {we got new patio furniture for our backyard.  I haven't told you yet??!  I will go take pictures right now}

Curb Appeal {that picket fence is calling for some lush greenery}

Stenciled Walls {to go with my DIY headboard}

What are you addicted to right now?  In a healthy...but slightly unhealthy way...?


  1. When we first moved into the house we're renting now...I spent the first like four months doing nothing but painting and decorating..I'm so sick of it now. I don't want any pinterest projects, but that doesn't mean I'm not still pinning :)

  2. We've been living in this house for almost two years and we still have SO many projects going on as well! Even though mine are more for the decoration part, my engineer husband has all these ideas of things he wants to improve in the house. Needless to say, there's lots of unfinished projects. And to tell you the truth, I stop sweating over it. It's better to take a little more time and be happy with the final result than doing it fast to get it done and having to redo it again soon.

  3. Hi Ashley,

    Ive been dreaming of an upholstered bed frame for a long time too. I was thinking of making one, but I've seem some good prices on them at Home Sense which is like a Home Goods in the US. Maybe one day soon, one of these bed frames will make their way to my house.


  4. I just read another "addict" post from a friend and this reminded me of it. I think you would like her blog: http://larnmichelle.blogspot.com/

  5. The dreaded snowball effect... it gets me every time! I decide on a particular project and that either makes me think of six others I want to do too OR while "researching" for that project I find a handful of other things I'd like to do. Sometimes the other projects take first place and leave the first one waiting to be finished. Glad I'm not the only one that suffers from this illness! I like the idea of almost white walls. Can't wait to see how it all turns out :)

  6. Ashley, I can so relate to this!! I call it decorating ADD and I have it! Haha...I am really great at starting many projects at once and not having anything finished yet! At the moment I have a half painted back porch, side windows in progress, taped but not painted studio floor and let me say we are still not unpacked yet because of hold on projects. I am thinking this is just normal for creative women like us! I can't wait to see what you have been up too and maybe by then I will have some finished projects too. ;) love your pin boards!

  7. I totally agree, and with all your commenters. My hubs and i are going on year 4 in our home, and it is much improved, but i'm always seeing things I want to add, change, or simply get rid of.

  8. yeah, I get that a lot.I'm not yet moved in and I am decorating already...

  9. Is it possible to get worn out just from reading someone's blog post? Because I'm pretty sure that just happened to me.

    How the heck do you do it all?! I don't know whether to be impressed or worried for your sanity! ;o) I am sure that everything you're doing will look glorious when you're done. I can't wait to see the pictures!!!

  10. IF you give a mouse a cookie or a mom a paintbrush...... :)

    Just found your blog and love it.



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