31 Days of Creative Homemaking :: Day 1--Why Creative Homemaking?

Welcome to day one of 31 days of creative homemaking for the modern day woman!  I am very excited to spend the next 31 days with you all sharing about how I run and take care of my home.

So you might be asking, "why creative homemaking for the modern day woman?"  Well, let me explain.

Being a homemaker was a big dream of mine before I got married and yet after three years of marriage and the privilege of being a homemaker I still struggle with this role.  Calling myself a homemaker is so counter culture and to many, old fashioned.  But to me, I think we are all homemakers in one way or another as we each make our house a home and I hope to help retrain our thoughts to what homemaking is and take great pride in our role as women {or men!}.

The things we do in our home, how we take care of it, how it appears, and how we respond to people who come in and out of it sets the tone for our homes.  Whether you are single and work full time, stay at home with your kids, or work from home, you can still embrace your role as a homemaker.

I decided to add the word creative to homemaking instead of leaving it just homemaking because so much of what I do at home with ease is based upon creativity.  I am great at cooking, entertaining, and decorating because it is inspired by my creative side.  The things I am not so great at are cleaning and other mundane tasks that I do not enjoy as much but are still required in having a home.  I can fluff and beautify my home all day long {and sometimes I do!} but at the end of the day laundry still needs to be done and toilets needs to get cleaned.  I will share a mix of creative aspects of homemaking and hopefully be more creative in the mundane tasks so that they get done more often and with a little more excitement.

Besides creative homemaking I chose to include the phrase "for the modern day woman."  The way our culture lives evolves through time so though homemaking may bring images of 50's housewives to mind, you can still be a homemaker without looking, acting, and living in black and white like June Cleaver.  Many of my thoughts and beliefs on life and homemaking are old fashioned but I also like to think that at 28 years old I am also pretty young, hip, and in tune with culture as it is today.  I hope to take the old fashioned views of slower living, being at home, and relying less on convenience but being realistic of the demands of everyday life that we all encounter as women in this twentieth century. 

This is not about doing it all but having the home we desire that will bring us joy and serve as a place of rest for ourselves and our families.  I believe we can all have this and over the next 30 days I hope to help you find it.  

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