Thankfulness Thursdays Week 10--Thankful for the Little Ones in My Life

Today is week ten of Thankfulness Thursdays where we meet up each week to share what we are thankful for from now until Thanksgiving.  You can write a simple list or focus on writing about one thing you are thankful for.  No rigid rules! 

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Today I am thankful for the children in my life.  After spending most of my week last week with my friend and her baby girl, I was reminded of the importance to slow down and just be with those little ones.

This week my 13 year old sister in law is staying with us on top of watching my nephew.  Having both kids in one day definitely gives me a more real life look at the long days of being a mom.  But instead of just being drained, I am choosing to embrace this unique time to spend with them.

I love baby stuff...I definitely love the sweetness of children...I am not ready to have kids yet...even if by loving these things people think I may have baby fever (wink).  But I really love that in this place of life that I am fully able to give my energy into being an aunt and a big sister in law.

One day I will have my own kids and I am sure they will consume much of my energy.  I am thankful that I can give all the love that I know at this point in life into these relationships.  I look forward to being forever grateful in the future for the time that I have had now to invest in their lives.

What are you thankful for this week?


  1. What a sweet post. Really beautiful kids, and I can feel the joy radiating from your home!! I love it when people can appreciate others' circumstances but then settle back and just plain celebrate their own life just as it is RIGHT NOW. That is awesome. Enjoy being an aunt and big sister!! I am sure they're lucky to have you! xo

  2. Aww that's cute! Spending the whole day with two kids will definitely show you a taste of momhood!
    I remember when I was a nanny and watched two one-year-olds, I was watching them, making their lunch and making mine, all at the same time. I felt so accomplished!

  3. Well said! Good for you for taking advantage of your freedom to love on those sweet kiddos! They will be forever impacted by the time spent with someone who genuinely cares for them.

  4. Very sweet! I can't wait until my niece is able to use the bathroom by herself so I can spend more time with her. (I don't do diapers or baby stuff. lol) I love the time I get to spend with my nephew. He's a handful, but it's fun to remember what it was like to be a kid and just be silly with him.

  5. Love spending time with my girls definately keeps one young!


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