Thankfulness Thursdays Week 13--Risks in Relationships

Today is week thirteen of Thankfulness Thursdays where we meet up each week to share what we are thankful for from now until Thanksgiving.  You can write a simple list or focus on writing about one thing you are thankful for.  No rigid rules! 

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This week I am thankful for taking risks.  I am a pretty good risk taker when it comes to trying new things out around the house, in the kitchen, or with clothing.  But when it comes to relationships I always want to play it safe.

After months, maybe even a year, I finally hosted a craft day.  It was exactly what I needed...enjoying friends doing something I love.  I was so afraid no one would want to come.  But I still took the risk and it proved to be worth it.

As I have gotten older I have learned to have a better handle on the relationships in my life.  I have learned to let people in who need to come in and to let go of people who were bringing me down.  There are people in my life who will always be in my life who will never fully get me.  And instead of holding on to resentment or bitterness I have learned to change my expectations.

Today I write these words with thankfulness as I have had some really good connections with girlfriends, my family, and my husband lately and it makes my heart feel so full.  I am thankful for blog friends who have reached out to me as well as those who graciously accepted me when I took a risk in approaching them. 

Sometimes it is scary to take the jump, and unfortunately more often than not I sometimes regret it.  But it is those times where the opposite happens and I jump into something great that reminds me that next time the jump is worth the risk.

What are you thankful for this week?