Branding Your Blog and How 31 Days Changed Me

Branding your blog to tell your story

Right before I started my 31 days series (31 Days of Creative Homemaking for the Modern Day Woman), I took a risk at branding my blog.

I decided that I wanted to rebrand my blog right at the kick off of my 31 days series.  I wanted to really focus in on what I was blogging about--and not just homemaking but about simple living, entertaining, and decorating.  I also knew that I would be getting new visitors and readers by being part of the 31 days series and I wanted them to immediately get a sense for what I shared about here on their first click.

Branding my blog helped me to accept, believe in, and be true to myself and the person I feel called to be.  A homemaker.  I had been putting it off in my blog life and in my real life and it was time to fully embrace my brand.

I knew not everyone would love this and that I could possibly lose readers.  But there sure was a whole lot more of you who supported, encouraged, cheered, and said "thank you" for taking this direction.  Because when I am true to my authentic self I have something to offer.  And though we may be completely different people, when we are true to ourselves we become accessible to others.

Branding your blog to tell your story

I realized there are a lot of people not like me (young and married at home without kids) but there is also a lot of people who are like me (want to make their home welcoming, pretty, taken care of, and reflecting of love for the people who live in it).

So if you are afraid to take that take your blog...or perhaps even your the place where you can be true to yourself.  I encourage you.  Jump in.  You will be so glad you did.

It will not be easy.  Writing on homemaking for 31 days straight was not easy and definitely not always very fun.  But it helped me define who I am and what this blog is about.  And for that I am a better person for it.

With defining myself and refocusing this blog I also learned a lot about the technical side of blogging and branding.  Over this next month I will be starting a new series on simple blogging.  It will be filled with tips, tricks, and encouragement to help you make your blog about you and your story. 

I hope you will join me.  Let's tell our stories together.