Craft Day + Felt Leaf Wreath Tutorial

Felt leaf wreath tutorial

After years in the making, I finally put on my big girl pants and put myself out there and hosted my first monthly craft day.  For a girl who loves to entertain, I have just as much social anxiety as anyone else when it comes to inviting people into my home.  And though craft day seems like a super fun idea, I was so scared no one would want to come.  I was glad I was wrong and finally made it happen.

For our first craft day we made felt leaf wreaths.  I was a little dissapointed mine did not come out quite like my original idea so my wreath is still waiting to get fixed.  I show the step by steps with my bright pink wreath, but I am secretly super jealous my sweet friend's green one came out exactly what I planned on but failed to create.  Hers will get all of the photographic spotlights!

Supplies needed:
-Wreath form (We used 14 inch)
-Sheets of felt (20 sheets to make the full green one.  Pink only used 8 but it cut it pretty close at the end to fill in all the gaps)
-Hot glue gun

 1. Cut out leaves.

It was interesting to see that everyone cut their leaves a little differently.  There is no one right way but you can see in the finished product how the different wreaths came out based on how each girl cut theirs.

2. Hot glue leaves overlapping each other.

You don't have to go all the way around if you don't want to.  My eight sheets did not allow me to go all the way around.  Thinking about it later I would have considered also covering the wreath first with a similar colored fabric to cover the wreath form.

Keep on gluing...

You can lift up the leaves and fill in any gaps you end up with.

And that's it!  Pretty easy peasy!

Felt leaf wreath tutorial

Green wasn't finished since she needed more felt.  But you get the idea.  My pink is pretty close to the red and blue wreaths as well but you can see I flipped the edges out a bit in mine to make it flare out.

Felt leaf wreath tutorial
Felt leaf wreath tutorial

Lush and gorgeous!  I love that they all came out beautiful but in their own fun and unique ways!

My inspiration wreath I found on Etsy sells for $68.  A day of craft day was definitely worth it!  Now off to go finish my wreath...!

Felt leaf wreath tutorial

And a little impromptu video tutorial for those YouTuber's out in case you were wondering what I look like at 6:45 am, here you go!