Music Sheet Covered Christmas Tree Tutorial

DIY music sheet covered Christmas trees

For this months craft day, my fellow crafty friends and I got together and made some music sheet covered Christmas trees.  It was about a week before Thanksgiving that we got together, but they all humored me with my Christmas music.  Each of the trees came out super adorable (this is one of those no fail projects!) and I will be showing you how cute they look along with my other Christmas decor soon!

DIY music sheet covered Christmas trees

The How-To


-Styrofoam cone forms (we used a 9 inch and 12 inch)

-Sheet music--you need about 3 pages per cone (I buy my vintage/aged books from thrift stores)


-Hot glue

-Little cupcake stands helped us keep our trees up while working.  Not necessary but helpful!

Step 1: Cut your sheet music into 1.5 inch strips.  I cut mine the long way so that it could go all the way around the biggest part of the cone.  When the cone got smaller towards the top, I just cut the longer sheet music strips to fit to size.  I cut about three sheets at a time.  It doesn't matter if your sheet music is going different directions because you will not notice once it is all assembled.

Step 2: Once strips are cut out, cut 1/2 an inch slits along the length of each strip.  I also did these about three sheets at a time which will make curling the strips even easier in the next step.

Step 3: Using your fingers, curl up each individual strip like an eyelash.  Curling multiple strips at a time will make the curling easier and less likely to tear.  Pull each individual strip apart once curled.

Stacks of curls...

Step 4: Hot glue curled strips around your cone.  This is where having a stand underneath helps from smashing your bottom layer.

Step 5: When you get to the top, create a circle with your last strip just a little above the top of the styrofoam to create a tip.

I then pinched the top part and glued it so that no styrofoam showed through.

There you have it!  Easy and adorable!  Of course, you could make these with any type of paper to match your holiday decor!

DIY music sheet covered Christmas trees
DIY music sheet covered Christmas trees

They look especially cute in a little forest of trees, like on my hutch decorated for Christmas.

Music Sheet Covered Christmas Tree Tutorial

And for your viewing enjoyment, a little video explaining the process as well:

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