DIY Snow Globe Inspired Ornaments

I recently saw a cute snow globe craft idea using plastic snow globes from Michael's that I wanted to do with my nephew.  But as I should have known better, something so cute is going to be out of stock less than a week before Christmas so I had to improvise.

We used plastic ornaments and little animal figurines from Michael's.  For the baby's ornament I punched out music sheet paper with a hole punch for fake snow.  Then I hot glued his bear into the ornament and then let him fill it with the punched holes.

For my ornament I decided to only use half of the ornament to create an open scene.  I hot glued my deer and bottle brush tree down and then spread out a cotton ball and wrapped it around the deer for snow.

Next year I will get my hands on those plastic snow globes much sooner.  Until then, completely satisfied with our impromptu snow globe inspired ornaments.


  1. Sooooo cute! I need to hop on the clear ornament bandwagon next year :)

  2. I seriously adore this!!! So, Michaels had the cute little animals? I've been looking for some to do jar snow globes.

  3. So cute! I am pinning this away for next year. Happy Holidays.


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