Gingerbread House Making Party

Every year I get together with a group of girls I mentored when they were in junior high over their Christmas break.  We started the tradition years ago to make gingerbread houses while we snack, laugh, and catch up with what went on in everyone's life over the past year.

Gingerbread House Making Party

I am always so thankful for these girls' commitment to our friendship over the years even when for some of us this is the only time we ever see each other anymore now that they all go to different colleges. 

For the gingerbread house making, each girl brings their own graham crackers, frosting, and some candy to share.  I provide trays for them to make their houses on and we share a meal I prepare.

We have gotten a little fancier over the years, using piping tools for a more stable and decorative home.

And coincidentally our outfits were somewhat coordinated with each other as well as with my home.  Love these girls forever and ever.