Holiday Deals from P&G

As the holidays are among us I am continuing to check off things on my to do list before Christmas arrives.  This week I have some pumpkin bread to make to hand out to neighbors and friends as well as printing our Christmas cards to attach to them.  I like to get my presents organized and bagged by family so that no presents are left behind and I will be putting together a dinner menu for my husband and I as we have our own Christmas time together on Christmas Eve.

Also on my to do list during the holidays is always making sure we we have plenty of batteries on hand.  Not only do we need batteries for gifts that never come with batteries (what's that about, right!?) but to also make sure our camera and flashes have batteries ready.  Nothing like being in the middle of a special holiday moment with family or friends and you have to run to the other room to search for batteries.

As I am busy taking pictures of our home, icing sugar cookies, opening gifts, and the annual all family photo, I don't want to have to worry about dead batteries.  In my own personal everyday life as well as for our professional photography business, we rely on Duracell batteries to keep our cameras running as well as the battery powered Christmas lights scattered around the house.

Batteries Included (AA) Bundle
P&G is offering some really great deals right now through their eStore this holiday season including a Duracell AA battery bundle pack.  By buying some of your favorite products in a bundle, you can save on every day items you would find more expensive at the store.  Not only are they offering these special discounts on many commonly used name brand products but they also offer every day deals by shopping through their eStore including free shipping over $25, free samples with every order and 15% savings on first orders.  Don't bother waiting in line at the store, go get yourself some batteries now!

Visit P&G's eStore to take advantage of these great holiday deals and see what else they have to offer!