DIY Eraser Stamped Tote Bag Tutorial

For craft day this month we made eraser stamped tote bags.  This project can be done using any sort of design and the end of an eraser on a pencil to stamp the paint on.  It is a super easy and quick project great for gifts and would even be adorable on a kid's shirt or baby onesie!  The ideas are endless!

You will need:
-Freezer Paper
-Puff Paint
-Canvas Totes 

And all of these supplies can be found at Walmart (you can search online to make sure your local store has them)!  The pack of canvas tote bags cost a little over $7 for three.

First, you make a stencil of the shape you want to paint on a piece of freezer paper.  Cut out the inside of your stencil.

After your stencil is cut out, iron your stencil to your tote bag, shiny face down.  After your freezer paper is ironed down, insert another piece of freezer paper inside your bag to protect paint from leaking through to the back of your tote bag.

Then start painting away!  Dip the end of your eraser into your puff paint and dot your tote bag.  Paint a few scattered dots above the ending of your first color so that the next color overlaps.

Continue with a lighter shade of the first color.  For the "A" bag I lightened the black puffy paint with white.

Lighten your paint one more time for the last layer of color.

My 13 year old sister in law stayed with us a few days last week and we made a bag together.  She chose to make a music note bag using pink and purple to hold her music notebook when she goes to piano practice.

And here is my finished "A" bag.

A few days later we did the same project at craft day.  I loved the designs the girls picked out.

To speed up the drying process you can use a blow dryer on low to speed up the process (because you know we have to take pictures before everyone leaves!).

Using the same technique, but with a different twist, each tote bag is adorable in it's own design.

Another craft day success!  

Original tutorial for this idea can be found at the V and Co. blog.