Technical Difficulties + The Skinny Rules

Excuse my absence this week as we continue after a long stressful weekend to recover our old hard drive.  We successfully were able to switch out hard drives on our iMac but recovering the files on our old one has been a struggle.  The old hard drive did not crash and we know the files are still on there but slowly over time it has become harder and harder to copy them over.  And of course, our photos from 2012 are the one of the items left that have not successfully copied over.  We will be taking it in to the Mac store this evening and may have to spend some bucks to try to get it all recovered.

It's a bit ironic how our hard drive started slowing down the week I was backing everything up from this last year.  I was even going to write a post about how January is the perfect time to back everything up at least once a year.  Jokes on me I guess.

So my lack of replies, comments, Facebook updates, and posts are not because I am having such an amazing quiet's because we are going crazy.  Pretty sure I woke up sad this morning.  Someone want to come over and cheer me up?!

And to make this post not so depressing, did you catch that I have been reading The Skinny Rules by Bob Harper?  Well with all this free time from the computer, I am happy to report I finished the book (in 2 weeks!  That's a record for me!).  And the book ends with a four week diet plan that I am excited to start today.  Did you hear that?  Excited.  If you are like me and your struggle is food, I encourage you to check out the book if you are looking to make some lifelong eating changes this year (and not just looking for a quick fix).

Say a little prayer for our photos and computer troubles?  And thank you for all your comments on my two New Years posts.  My heart was warmed by some really kind words.