Using Your Phone to Take Pictures on Your SLR--DSLR Wireless Mobile Adapter

photos taken using wireless mobile adapter with your SLR

I have shared before about how using your tripod can help you take amazing photos of yourself.  But sometimes we are confined to smaller spaces, like a restaurant, where setting up a tripod across the room just is not possible.  So today I thought I would share with you a fun little wireless mobile adapter that works with our SLR camera.  

We recently purchased the Nikon DSLR WU-1b Wireless Mobile Adapter for the D600 (they also make WU-1a for the Nikon D3200) that plugs into my phone giving my phone control over taking pictures with our camera. 

Here is what a typical-take ourself-restaurant photo looks like for us with a 50 mm fixed lens.  The picture of us is fine but you don't get much of the background.  Granted we could use a lens with a wider angle but the ones we have our much bigger and heavier making them not the ideal for going out.

And here is a photo of us, with the same lens, on our tripod, sitting on the opposite edge of the table.  With the wireless adapter, we are able to use my phone as a remote that also shows me the view through the lens on my phone.  That way I can see what our picture is going to look like without looking through the camera and I can also use the screen to change my focus point to make sure the camera focuses on our faces.

It by no means replaces being able to set up your shot from behind the lens, but when taking a picture of yourself in a busy restaurant, the adapter makes it a little easier.  You can see in the picture below that my phone is out on the table for our photo.

There are a few kinks still with the app that you use on your phone but for the most part it works pretty well.  We have not had the opportunity to use it much yet but I think we will use it the most when we are on trips and are taking pictures of ourselves.  Another plus is that I can instantly upload photos from my camera to my phone to share on Instagram or Facebook. 

Definitely a bit of a photography toy but we love finding new and fun ways to document our lives.  You can find more "Photography Tips and Tricks" by clicking on the button on my sidebar.

*All photos taken on our date night celebrating our 8 year date-iversary!