Clinton Kelly at Macy's Roseville Fashion Event

This weekend I attended an event at Macy's at The Roseville Galleria featuring Clinton Kelly, the fashion expert behind the show What Not to Wear and host of The Chew.  If you watch any of his shows, you know he is hilarious and it was obvious by the large crowd of women (and men!) that he is well loved for his fashion sense as well as his likable personality.

This is what I wore to see the king of what not to know I stressed over this!  Last minute I snagged this adorable dress at Ross. 

And no big deal...I think he approved of my outfit...

I was attending as a blogger for this event so reserved "press" seating made me feel pretty special!

Here you can see the many, many women who came early to get a good seat as well as non ticketed viewers standing around the outskirts of Macy's.  And it was quite the fashion fest.  Women of all ages were looking their best for Clinton Kelly.

I think one of the main things that makes Clinton so smart and likable is that he has fashion sense but also an awareness for dressing for your body.  It is obvious he is a fan of women of all shapes and sizes and wants them to look and feel their best just the way they are.

The majority of the event was filled with a fashion show of woman different shapes and sizes where Clinton shared why their outfits worked for their body as well as the upcoming trends for Spring.  Things like, big jewelry, bright colors, and mixing patterns are all big this season.

But besides just this season's trends he shared some great timeless advice about wearing different types of clothing...  

-Alterations are important!  50% of people who come on What Not to Wear end up getting their outfits altered to fit their body for the show. 

-A successful outfit = color, texture, pattern, and shine!

-When deciding on investing on a timeless item, consider if you would have liked it five years ago.  If you would have liked it then, you will probably like it a year from now and it is a good timeless investment.  (And what great advice for home decor trends as well!!!)

-A safe place for a dress or skirt to fall on all women is around the knee.

-V-neck is always safe for any woman as it elongates the neck.  High defined waist as well as a flare skirt are great for any body type.

-To hide skin flaws, wear colors that contrast your skin tone.

-When mixing prints, mix one neutral print and one color OR mix prints all in the same color pallet (for advanced fashionistas).

-The shape of a garment is more important than the color.  Silhouette is number one!

-How to camouflage a tummy?  With a jacket!

-When wearing a blazer or top, wearing it half way down the hip is the most flattering.  Long shirts should cover your bottom half way down.

Thank you Clinton Kelly for making women all over the world more fabulous!  Click here to find more Macy's and Clinton Kelly events coming to your city!  You can also check out his newest book, Oh No She Didn't: The Top 100 Style Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them.

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