Mixing Up a Modern Gallery Wall

I recently mixed up the wall decor in our dining room and created a brand new more modern gallery wall.  Previously the gold mirror was hung over the buffet but now is behind our dining table.  I am very happy with the new look and had fun adding in more art inspired pieces to the room.

Modern Gallery Wall

I do not have a lot of art so I came up with a few pieces on my own.  Some existing pieces I had was a vintage daisy painting and Jones Design Company print as well as some photos of Brent and I.

But I also created a geometric pattern using sharpies (above) by tracing a magnet I had and then I painted a pink heart using puffy paint (below).

I also found these free botanical prints that have filled a variety of frames around our home.  To download the prints, visit this website where you will download a PDF of the entire book (click the download link) and from there you can print out any page straight from your computer. 

Modern Gallery Wall

Having the mirror on the opposite wall works well as it is the first wall you see when you walk into the dining room.  I like that it reflects the gallery wall and opens up the space.

I do have one empty frame I have yet to fill, but in it's simplicity it may just stay that way for awhile.  Works for me!

The wall adds a bit of color and contrast that breaks up my otherwise all white decor.  Slowly I am embracing more color, and making some low risk DIY art makes it that much easier!


  1. Such a beautiful design element! I love the picture of your gallery wall in your mirror, you have such a wonderful eye Ashley!

  2. Great job on the gallery wall, love the original artwork and that mirror is beautiful. Thanks for the print link!

  3. Wow, your dinning room looks amazing!


  4. Oooh love it! So eclectic and fun, it really came together perfect.

  5. Very pretty. I have been trying to do a gallery wall, but dont know where to start or what to include, or even what wall to use. What is the wall color in your dining room? So soft and pretty!

  6. I think it turned out great! Sometimes small changes can make such a big impact. Good inspiration for my own dining area!

  7. Your gallery wall looks beautiful! I love the little pops of pink. I see you have the book "Quiet" in your collection. I started it, but I never finished it. Maybe I couldn't relate because I'm an extrovert?


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