DIY Underwater Camera Housing for Your DSLR

I recently shared about our trip to Puerto Vallarta and mentioned that we my husband built a DIY underwater camera housing for our DSLR.  It fits our Nikon D90 and was the perfect camera accessory for a week of playing in the water.

We searched a variety of ways to be able to take pictures in the water but settled on deciding that we wanted to be able to use our SLR.  There are underwater housing units out there to buy but the ones that are cheap do not use glass covering for the lens while the high quality ones cost as much as an SLR camera.  We are both too picky and too cheap.  DIY was our best option. 

It allowed us to take our camera kayaking in the ocean...

In the pool...

On a waterfall hike (unfortunately the person who took our picture for us couldn't hold the camera still!)...

And playing in the ocean!

Some things to consider: 

// Though the D90 is a nice and expensive camera, with our photography business we have upgraded our equipment and so the D90 is our least expensive camera so we are not as concerned about the risks of ruining it.  Though we do worry and are very careful, of course.

// Every time we go to use the housing we test it empty first to make sure there are no leaks.

// My husband is a rock star.  I could never build such a thing. 

// I am so appreciative that we can have great memories out on the water.

// I don't remember how much it cost us but it was crazy inexpensive like under $20.

// We found a tutorial on how to build the underwater housing here.