Favorite Android Photo Apps

Favorite Android Photo Apps

I'll admit it...we live in an iPhone world and it is sometimes hard to keep up when you have an Android phone.  But I am content with what I have and thought I would offer up some of my tips for phone photography apps through Google Play.  Many times I have stumbled upon a cool new photo app only to be dissapointed to find that it is not available for Android.  So after much hunting and trying out apps, these are my favorite go to phone photos apps for Android phone users. 

Instagram is my photo sharing place of choice.  You upload your photo into the app where it can then be edited and then shared with your Instagram followers as well as on Twitter and Facebook (and Facebook pages).  


PicsArt  is a great app for making collages as well as editing photos.  I mostly use it to make collages first and then upload to Instagram to add a filter.  PicsArt also allows you to add text to your photos.

Pixlr-o-matic offers a wider range of filters you can use to give your photo different effects.  If you want your images to look super artsy or over processed, this app is a really fun one to play with.

Photo Squarer is an app that allows you to show off your entire photo instead of cropping it in Instagram.  This is great for when you want to see the entire image that you took but still want to upload it to Instagram in a square format.

And remember, don't just let those pictures sit on your phone.  You can make them into a book

// Any other favorite photo editing apps out there for Android phones?