Finding Passion and Purpose in What I Do

During a recent photo shoot my friend Julia told me that the photos I took of her portray her light, her spirit, and her brightness.  She said that is is something that she doesn't always see for herself in front of the mirror but it translates in the photos I have taken of her.   

My friend Jennifer has also said similar things, saying we make her look her best after she saw her engagement pictures.   

To me, as a woman and a photographer, this is one of the greatest compliments I could ever get.  To not just offer amazing pictures to remember a moment or season in life, but to give a woman confidence in who deep within her she is.  To provide a photo of her that portrays her looking at her most possible best...that speaks deep into a woman’s self esteem and soul.  

Lately my nephew has gotten more interested in things like the alphabet, numbers, colors, and shapes.  It has allowed me to put on my old teacher hat and find creative ways to play and learn at the same time.  Not only has it provided great times of bonding, but I feel so purposeful when I am able to take skills that I have and share them with him in a way that benefits and grows him as a child. 

I share all this to say that in my creative work over the past few months I have experienced a greater sense of purpose--that my skills and creativity are being shared and given to others in a way that benefits them in positive ways.   

So much of my creativity is done for myself and so I am learning that when I can extend that to others, those creative endeavors give me even greater passion and joy.

My work can inspire and change lives and that makes me confident in myself, as a professional at what I do, and as a person who is living a life of purpose.