Industrial Vintage Backyard Lighting

Our big outdoor project this year was replacing our backyard lights with larger industrial sized ones.  And when I say big project, I mean expensive and took some major planning to execute the right design and strategy.  We use our backyard a lot during the summer so we decided to go with a more permanent set up.  Now that the work is complete and we can sit back and just enjoy was most definitely worth the investment!

While Brent put up the lights, I worked on putting in a few more small garden beds to add visual interest to our yard. 

Since this is a more permanent setup from what we had before, Brent ran electrical from the house to our pergola out to the main tree the lights hang from.

From there, the lights are all hooked from a main hub on the tree.  We ran wire from tree to tree and then zip tied the lights to them.

One of the main reasons we wanted to change up our lights was because we use the grass area so much more than the patio for the shade in the summer.  There is now plenty of light to eat by and walk around.  We are pretty darn excited to say the least!

Putting up industrial vintage string lights in the backyard
Putting up industrial vintage string lights in the backyard

The lights were ordered online from Novelty Lights.  We purchased these lights and these bases (the lights and bases are sold separately for these types of lights from all manufacturers).

We have had a few gatherings since we put up the lights and I will be sharing about those soon!